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Scoliosis is categorised as an excessive, progressive curvature of the spine – which can affect both children and adults. In children and adolescents scoliosis can be a more serious condition because it can rapidly progress as the individual grows. 

The effects of scoliosis include: poor posture, shoulder humping, muscle weakness, and pain. However, if scoliosis is detected and treated early, clients may be able to reduce or avoid these symptoms in many cases. 

Scoliosis Bracing 

Since 2014 the team at Interface Technology have been able to provide effective, non-invasive treatments for scoliosis through our affiliation with ScoliCare. We aim to provide prompt, accessible, and customisable bracing solutions for individuals with scoliosis and/or kyphosis, utilising the latest in 3D scanning, design and fabrication. 
​The result is a scoliosis brace designed to meet the specific needs of each individual, with minimal wait between assessment and provision, with quick access to reviews and adjustments. 
Technology will work with you and the other members of your treatment team to co-manage your scoliosis conservatively or liaise with specialists for case management. 

Contact us if you are ready to book an assessment and treatment plan for scoliosis.


Interface Technology clinicians are experienced in the assessment, manufacture and fitting of helmets for Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly.

We also specialise in treatment of Developmental Displaysia of the Hip (DDH)​


Interface Technology clinicians have years of experience in the assessment, manufacture and prescription of orthotic devices.

  • Foot Orthotics (FO)

  • Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFOs)

  • Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics (KAFO)


 All clinicians at Interface Technology are trained in the provision of both prosthetics and orthotics.

We aim to collaborate closely with our clients to achieve a successful definitive prosthetic device outcome.


Interface Technology clinicians are experienced in prescribing, fitting and training clients in the use of  specialised devices such as: 

  • MyoPro 

  • Keeogo

  • C-Brace


  • Busselton Clinic

  • NDIS Support

  • Community Resources

Other Services

Acute Spinal Management

Spinal orthoses are used to stabilise the spine, prevent harmful movement and reduce pain. These are often prescribed after a trauma to the spine resulting in fractured vertebrae, but can be used at other times to reduce pain and movement.  

The team at Interface Technology are all trained in correct management of all acute spinal management needs. This includes cervical spine, thoraccic and lumbar.

Established in 2014
Orthotic Computer Technology and Interface Orthotics have merged. Welcome to Interface Technology Orthotics and Prosthetics
Established in 2022
Established in 1996
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