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Our clinic is located in West Perth, less than 1km from major freeways in all directions, and there is free parking on-site.

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​An orthosis is an item which provides support for any body part which is not fulfilling it's full function.  Orthoses are commonly referred to as orthotics, braces, splints and supports, and are often used to compensate for difficulties in the muscular, skeletal or neurological systems. 

A prosthesis is an item which replaces any missing part of the body. They are sometimes referred to as prosthetics, artificial limbs, fake arms and legs. Our services only provide prostheses for larger body parts such as arms, legs and fingers. We don't do anything that involves cutting someone open.

what are orthoses and prostheses?

Our clients vary greatly, and while some share common pathologies and diagnoses, their individual requirements can be quite unique. Many of our clients are looking for a solution to help overcome the limitations resulting from acute fractures, sports injuries or chronic pain. Our clients with Scoliosis usually require bracing for the duration of growth of the spine, to prevent progression or even correct a curvature in the spine. Others require long term support to improve mobility restrictions caused by cerebral palsy, spina bifida, CMT, polio, stroke, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, spinal cord injury or peripheral nerve damage, among others. 

Quite often clients who need prosthetics may have diabetes or may have suffered an accident or illness which resulted in them losing a part of their body.

who uses orthoses and prostheses?  

The team at Interface Technology is here to support you through every step of the way.  Here is a common pathway for someone receiving a custom made device.



During an assessment, we learn all about you! This assessment begins your personalised service at Interface Technology, and helps us plan the right prescription for you. These assessments look different for everyone and can vary based on your available funding. 



At Interface Technology, we often use plaster of paris (POP) or fiberglass to take a cast to make a copy of your limb or residual limb. We then use this to custom-make your device. These appointments can get a little messy, so keep this in mind when you get dressed for the day! We also use 3D scanning for some of our appointments (especially for plagiocephaly and scoliosis related casting). 



During a fitting, the device is fitted to you, and wear instructions will be given to you by one of our clinicians. Care advice for your device will also be given to you during this appointment. For the more complicated devices, these appointments can take up to five hours.



A review follows the fitting of your device. This may be days, weeks or months after your fitting, and enables us to check on your progress and make any changes that may be needed. 

what should i expect when visiting interface technology?

It is important to reach out over any concerns or problems regarding your device. These may be able to be solved over the phone, or in a review appointment. These may include: 

  • Pain or rubbing caused by the device

  • Lasting areas of redness or blisters forming after periods of wearing the device

  • Issues/concerns with fit or comfort 

  • Changes in condition 

i'm having issues with my device, what should i do? 

You don't need a referral to come see us at Interface Technology. However any referrals you may have can help our team to get the most information before we begin your care at Interface Technology. For some services, it may be helpful for you to have a referral if you are wanting to claim from your private health insurance . 

do i need a referral to visit interface technology? 

We currently do not accept HICAPS. However our team are available to provide you with whatever you need to claim privately.  

do you accept private health insurance (hicaps)?

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