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What is an Orthotist Prosthetist?

An Orthotist Prosthetist is a tertiary qualified Allied Health Professional who provides both customised and custom made medical devices to support parts of the body which are not able to perform their full function, or to replace a portion of the body which may be absent. An Orthotist Prosthetist will assess a client, prescribe a device, fabricate it, fit and modify so that a client can better participate in their every day life. Some of the reasons you might see one of our team may include having had an amputation, experiencing an acute injury such as a torn ligament, or perhaps a long term neurological condition. At Interface Technology, all of our clinicians are accredited with the Australian Orthotic and Prosthetic Association.

Interface Technology is a long standing Perth based orthotic practice, with family values, and a focus on delivering personalised and high quality patient care. We enjoy working with a large variety of patients, and collaborating with them to achieve their goals. 

At Interface Technology, services provided are based on a model of health care, which balances the scientific evidence with the clinician’s experience and the patient’s preferences, values and goals. 

Our clients all have unique goals and aspirations with regards to utilising our services, varying from simply walking, standing and resting comfortably and with stability and ease, to being able to snowboard, skate or run. Often, clients are looking for conservative options to delay or avoid surgery and other invasive procedures. Whatever their main priorities are, all are looking for a solution that suits their needs and desires. At Interface Technology, we understand the importance of these individual, personal goals.

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